Welcome to American Febo Enterprises!

Welcome to American Febo Enterprises, a proud subsidiary of International MultiGeek. AFE is an intergalactic consultatorium specializing in the design, development, and implementation of nonfunctional solutions using outmoded techniques and dysfunctional paradigms.

Well, not really. This is really the home page for the Ackermann family, who had to name their domain after something, and chose their cat.

Over time, this site has turned into the electronic equivalent of John Ackermann's very messy desktop, with bits of information about ham radio and computers, his truly odd interest in highly accurate measurements of time and frequency, the scenic photos he's taken (hopefully, after tearing up all the bad ones), and data about a vision condition called keratoconus that has had a significant impact on his life. If you're interested in any of those things, the menu bars on the left and below will take you to the various piles on his metaphorical desk.

Note: If you're interested in details about my NTP servers, www.febo.com/time-freq/ntp/stats is the place to go. For my other time-and frequency related stuff, click the "Time and Frequency Measurement" or "Technical Pages" links to the left.

The Time and Frequency Measurement pages include details on various ways of obtaining time and frequency via radio, as well as a few other things. The Technical Pages are a series of folders with various measurements and reports; some are full-blown web pages, while others are just charts. Some non-time-related experiments and data are under the "Geekworks" link.