[time-nuts] FTS-4060 Start Up Instructions

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Tue Aug 17 18:20:02 EDT 2004


My FTS-4060 has arrived and I need startup instructions.
Also how to use the controls behind the panel:
Manual Scan: Loop Gain/Control Voltage - Increase/Decrease
MOD: On/Off
Loop: Closed/Open
C Field Adjustment: nnn (now 888)(size of step?)

The meter readings are
Name     	at power up    after about 1/2 hour
Xtal Oven	0.5		3.5 and steady
CS Oven		3.0		1.4 and steady
Beam		0.0		2.9 sometimes drops to 0 and comes back
Control		5.0		sawtooth 0 to 5
Supply		2.9		2.9
Charge		0		0 (no internal batteries) 

Thanks for any help,

Brooke Clarke

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