[time-nuts] FTS-4060 Start Up Instructions

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Tue Aug 17 19:10:46 EDT 2004

Brooke Clarke wrote:

> Hi:
> My FTS-4060 has arrived and I need startup instructions.
> Also how to use the controls behind the panel:
> Manual Scan: Loop Gain/Control Voltage - Increase/Decrease
> MOD: On/Off
> Loop: Closed/Open
> C Field Adjustment: nnn (now 888)(size of step?)
> The meter readings are
> Name         at power up    after about 1/2 hour
> Xtal Oven    0.5        3.5 and steady
> CS Oven        3.0        1.4 and steady
> Beam        0.0        2.9 sometimes drops to 0 and comes back
> Control        5.0        sawtooth 0 to 5
> Supply        2.9        2.9
> Charge        0        0 (no internal batteries)
> Thanks for any help,
> Brooke Clarke

When I used one of these I just plugged it in and turned it on. After a 
warm up period
it would be on frequency. It's been 13 years so my memory of what the 
meter reads
is almost nonexistent.

I do remember going through the calibration procedure just for 
experience. I used a HP
signal generator locked to the 4060 and set for (I think) 60 KHz. The 60 
KHz was input to the
4060 and (I think) I adjusted the C field for some meter indication. The 
MOD had to be on
for the adjustment.

You really need the book or advice from someone with a better memory :-)

Good luck.

Bill K7NOM

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