[time-nuts] Message for Brooke from Chuck Norton

John Ackermann jra at febo.com
Wed Aug 18 12:41:02 EDT 2004

Chuck sent this message to the list, but it 
bounced, probably because he sent from an 
address that wasn't subscribed to the list 
(the list allows postings only from 
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Hi Brooke. I'm trying this again. I sent it 
yesterday but it came back with
a message saying I'm not allowed to post to 
the list. Not sure what's going
on there.
Hi Brooke:
	According to my 4060 manual, you should be 
able to turn it on, set the
modulation on/off switch to on, close the 
loop and let it go. It technically
has a warm up time of 30 minutes but the 
ones I have worked with usually
don't take more than about 20 minutes. Once 
it has warmed up, the LOCK
indicator should come on. Press the ALARM 
button and the alarm light should
go off.
	While it is warming up and searching for 
lock, the system locks out the
front panel controls other than the ones I 
mentioned. There is an over ride
if needed.
	Your readings all look good except the Beam 
and Control. The reason it is
changing up and down on both of them is that 
it is searching for a lock
signal. If you monitor the 5Mhz output, you 
will probably also see it
changing along with the voltages. It sounds 
like you may have a problem in
the unit. Try opening the loop and monitor 
the 5 Mhz that way to see if it
is way off frequency or not. Be sure to turn 
off the modulation for this
check also. Let me know what you find and I 
will see if I can give you any
other ideas of where to look.
Chuck Norton

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