[time-nuts] Storage of Rb & Cs standards?

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Thu Aug 19 16:48:51 EDT 2004

Hi Rick:

So what is the low current doing during Rb storage, a heater?  The same 
wires are used with much higher currents I assume to boil the liquid 
back to a gas?

Is there any gravity related issues with Rb and/or Cs standards, i.e. 
can they be stored/operated in any orientation relative to down?

Sorry about the wrong Rb model number,

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE


Rick Karlquist wrote:

>>with the ion pump running.  The manual for the HP 4065 Rb standard says
>>>to connect a low current source to a couple of wires when it's stored.
>The HP Rb std is model 5065A.  Anyway, the issue with Rb is keeping
>the liquid Rb confined to the reservoir, rather than condensing
>in the optical path.  Some Rb standards try to get around this
>by using a "starved" cell with no liquid Rb.
>Rick Karlquist
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