[time-nuts] Tiny Atomic Clock

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Sun Aug 29 13:26:34 EDT 2004

Hi John:

It's cool.  There is a major project in the U.S. military to develop a 
small and inexpensive clock.  There are a number of companies working on 
both Cs and Rb versions.  Note that the SINCGARs and Have Quick mil 
radios use frequency hopping, not for security, but for anti jam and 
anti DF reasons, and now use GPS receivers to set the clock in each 
radio.  If the radios had good clocks they would not need to be set so 
often.  This application also requires low power to keep the clock 
running.  So my guess is that these frequency standards are targeted for 
this application.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE


John Ackermann N8UR wrote:

> Just saw (via Slashdot) this news release about a new "chip scale" Cs 
> standard.  The physics package is about the size of a grain of rice, 
> and the whole thing is the size of a modern OCXO.  Initial stability 
> is about 1x10e-10, but they think it'll improve significantly from that.
> http://www.nist.gov/public_affairs/releases/miniclock.htm
> 73,
> John
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