[time-nuts] HP 5370B manual discrepancies

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Dec 13 13:38:10 EST 2004

The other likely explanation is that I (again) misread my HP 34401A's
display.  It reads 330R as "0.330 K OHMS".  I have screwed up at least once
before by seeing only the "330 K" portion of the display when tired or
distracted, disregarding the "0." part.

They ought to drop the "0." and the "K" for values less than 1,000 ohms
before someone loses a Mars probe, or something.  :-(

330 ohms makes more sense in that part of the circuit, although it's feeding
a high-Z source follower input so it may not make that much difference at
the end of the day.  It doesn't appear to hurt the low-frequency
sensitivity, which is what I'd expect given R21/R29's place in the circuit.

-- john KE5FX

> Interesting.  330K didn't make much sense, but that's what I
> measured on the
> ones I took out after unsoldering them.  I think I had some seriously bad
> SMT resistors in that stage (R56, which was the actual bad part
> in my case,
> just fell apart when I touched it).  I'd definitely be interested
> in seeing
> that scan if it's convenient for you.  Thanks!
> >
> > R21 and R29 are 330R chips in the 2716A version of
> > the manual. I'll scan that page for you.
> >
> > /tvb
> >

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