[time-nuts] FMT -- bad propagation, but still fun

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Thu Nov 18 20:06:58 EST 2004

We did the Frequency Measuring Test last night.  It was a small 
multi-multi effort this year, with Daun, N8ASB and I setting up 
hard-core stations, and Mike, KA8ABR doing a more basic measurement but 
still using interesting hardware -- an SDR-1000 software-defined radio 
that used a PC sound card as the ADC.

Conditions here in Dayton weren't good.  We had weak but solid signals 
on 80M, 40M was a real horror show with weak signals and lots of 
interference from an SW broadcaster on frequency, and on 20M we didn't 
hear a peep.  Mike, WB8GXB, operated from his house and he did hear 
signals on 20, but he has a triband beam up about 90 feet, so his 
signal-catcher was better than ours.

I haven't fully processed the data yet to get final results, but I have 
put a couple of screenshots up at 
http://www.febo.com/time-freq/fmt/fmt2004.html.  They show the offset 
between my local reference tone (derived from an Rb standard) and the 
W1AW signal.


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