[time-nuts] TVB's new fame!

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Fri Nov 19 02:02:45 EST 2004

> Our own Tom Van Baak made Slashdot today, or at least his chess set did:
> Congrats, Tom!
> Hope your site survived the Slashdotting!
> John

I'm still not sure how the whole thing started but, yes,
a lot of people found and enjoyed the BNC chess page
this week. The whole episode is an interesting lesson
on the tides of web surfing. My website URL log counts
are normally 2k to 6k a day. Monday it was 10k, then
on Tuesday 28k, Wednesday 92k, and today (when
Slashdot picked it up) 804k.


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