[time-nuts] Interesting Phase Bump...

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Wed Nov 24 18:25:20 EST 2004

Somebody parked a big, magnetic truck outside of your
house for four days?

Some other nearby magnetic marvel?

The 5065 is very sensitive to magnetic fields at the
10e-13 level.

Heck, maybe it was a gravity wave ...

Bill Hawkins

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I've attached a phase plot of my 5065A vs. GPS 1pps from a Motorola 
UT+.  There's an interesting bump in the phase -- for the first two days 
and the last five days, the offset is about -7x10e-13.  But for about 
four days in the middle there's a flattening and then increase in 
relative phase to about +3x10e-13, then a return to the original offset.

As far as I know, there was no local change to account for the bump -- 
temperature in the basement didn't change too much (though unfortunately 
my temp recording system is down at the moment) and neither the 
standard, the GPS, nor the time interval counter were changed in any way.

I'm assuming that the phase change was in the Rb and not the GPS (or the 
GPS constellation), but I don't know that for sure.  What's particularly 
interesting is that the offset returned to just about the original rate 
and not to something different -- I would have thought that something 
changing in the 5065A wouldn't result in a return to the same offset.

Anyone have any ideas what could have caused this change?



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