[time-nuts] Interesting Phase Bump...

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Nov 24 18:29:24 EST 2004

Hi Bill --

As far as I can tell, nothing in the vicinity of the standards rack 
changed during that time.  But a magnetic disturbance does sound like a 
reasonable possibility.


Bill Hawkins wrote:

>Somebody parked a big, magnetic truck outside of your
>house for four days?
>Some other nearby magnetic marvel?
>The 5065 is very sensitive to magnetic fields at the
>10e-13 level.
>Heck, maybe it was a gravity wave ...
>Bill Hawkins
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>I've attached a phase plot of my 5065A vs. GPS 1pps from a Motorola 
>UT+.  There's an interesting bump in the phase -- for the first two days 
>and the last five days, the offset is about -7x10e-13.  But for about 
>four days in the middle there's a flattening and then increase in 
>relative phase to about +3x10e-13, then a return to the original offset.
>As far as I know, there was no local change to account for the bump -- 
>temperature in the basement didn't change too much (though unfortunately 
>my temp recording system is down at the moment) and neither the 
>standard, the GPS, nor the time interval counter were changed in any way.
>I'm assuming that the phase change was in the Rb and not the GPS (or the 
>GPS constellation), but I don't know that for sure.  What's particularly 
>interesting is that the offset returned to just about the original rate 
>and not to something different -- I would have thought that something 
>changing in the 5065A wouldn't result in a return to the same offset.
>Anyone have any ideas what could have caused this change?
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