[time-nuts] Interesting Phase Bump...

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Nov 24 19:20:03 EST 2004

Tom Van Baak wrote:

>Seriously, there may actually be something to this
>plot, but you can't be sure until you have a lot of
>data to separate normal from anomaly. What does
>the conv phase->freq plot look like?
Here's the frequency plot (converted from phase).  I have one bad data 
reading (occurring about in the middle of the phase change period) that 
resulted in two big (10e-9) outliers.  I removed those.  There are still 
8 other outliers (at 5 sigma) that I left in this plot.  They're all in 
the 10e-11 range.

Note the tau is 300 seconds (Stable32 for some reason interprets the MJD 
timetags as slightly less than that), and this is raw GPS 1pps data 
(averaged over that time) from a UT+, not M12, receiver.


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