[time-nuts] RE: HP-85 [was: General Purpose Instrument Troubles]

Flemming Larsen flarsen at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 27 05:32:47 EST 2004

Back in the 1980s, I spent way too many hours
writing programs in HP-Basic for data acquisision
and analysis, more than I care to remember.

I still have an HP-85, which still works except
for the tape drive, which is in need of a new
capstan pinch-roller.

Anyone know where to get replacement parts for
this machine?


Flemming Larsen, KB6ADS, Berkeley, CA, USA

--- Daun Yeagley <daun at yeagley.net> wrote:

> Boy did that
> bring back a lot of memories from days past. When I
> first started with HP (as an
> HPIB specialist), the HP 9825 was king, but the
> HP-85 came out within months of
> my joining the company (1979). BTW, the code name
> was "Capricorn".

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