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Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Sat Nov 27 18:03:38 EST 2004

Hi guys

I used to have an old HP-85 hulk out in the barn, and also some of the tape
drives (not necessarily from  85's though)
I just went out to see if I had any of them left, but I'm afraid they're gone

What I have seen on many of those is just what you are talking about.. the
rubber in the capstan pinch-roller turns to sticky black mush.  I've got a
couple of serial data analyzers with those in them, and I went to try them out
last year, and it just ate the tapes and made a huge mess!


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Flemming Larsen wrote:

>Back in the 1980s, I spent way too many hours
>writing programs in HP-Basic for data acquisision
>and analysis, more than I care to remember.
>I still have an HP-85, which still works except
>for the tape drive, which is in need of a new
>capstan pinch-roller.
>Anyone know where to get replacement parts for
>this machine?
>Flemming Larsen, KB6ADS, Berkeley, CA, USA
I think there is a HP with tape drive in the scrap yard I frequent. Next
I am out there (waiting on better weather) I will look.

Otherwise there is a person who rebuilds phono idler wheels who post
on rec.antiques.radio+phono. You could try him for a rebuild.

Bill K7NOM (near Sacramento)

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