[time-nuts] Datum 4040A or B data request

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Wed Oct 13 23:11:21 EDT 2004


Have finally put together a rack of equipment to generate
and monitor precision time. Nothing is running yet, but a
Minnesota winter is long. There are many details to sort out
before it all works properly.

The standards are a Datum 4040A Cesium telco box, an HP
5065 Rubidium unit and a Tracor 308A Rubidium unit.

The references are a pair of HP Z3801 receivers with HP
antennas on a mast outside. They both work and talk to
laptops. There's also a Fluke 207-1 and a Spectracom WWVB

Three Datum 9310 time code generators will act as clock
displays, after some details are worked out.

The latest problem is that I have a manual for the Datum
4040B, not the A. It mentions monitor software (a DOS
program) for the B which is filled with information and
possible commands. The 4040A has no front panel controls.

Does anybody have any experience with the 4040A or B?
How about the monitor software?

Bill Hawkins

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