[time-nuts] VLF time is not dead :-)

Alberto di Bene dibene at usa.net
Mon Oct 18 17:14:15 EDT 2004

   Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

The fundamental clock is the sampling clock from the A/D card, which
is from a free-running PRS10 Rb.

A quadrature NCO is really easy to do in software, you figure out
the angle for each sample interval:

   Thanks for the explanations. I was sure you had used a high stability
   reference, but was
   unsure of which one. I have played as well with the concept of a
   Software Defined Radio,
   but, hardware-wise, my project is much less sophisticated than yours.
   I just make use of
   the left and right channels of a sound card to digitize the I and Q
   signals from a a quadrature
   mixer. Then the software does the final quadrature conversion to
   baseband, bandpass filtering,
   denoising and demodulation. You can see my software here :
   Click on SDRADIO on the left column.
   73  Alberto  I2PHD


   1. http://www.weaksignals.com/

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