[time-nuts] Any Datum Time Code Generator hackers out there?

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sun Oct 24 15:58:10 EDT 2004


I'm putting together a time rack with some things I got
from eBay over a year ago. There are 4 Datum 9310 units
that I'd like to use as clocks for the standards and GPS
receivers. Matching frequencies is no problem.

The problem is setting the clocks for the first time.
There are too many ways to do this, so I wonder if other
people have visited the problem.

There are two reasons for using clocks with MSI logic.
One, I can hack the circuit without programming a micro.
Two, the 1 PPS ticks can be compared with a high resolution
time difference counter, like the Racal-Dana 1992.

Time code generators allow you to distribute time on IRIG
signals to surplus FCC clocks.

Thanks for any replies, even those that suggest a completely
different method of solving the clock problem.

Bill Hawkins

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