[time-nuts] Strange oscillations

AdB i2phd at gmx.net
Sun Sep 5 09:12:20 EDT 2004

   I am replying from this email address just to see if this will
   eliminate the strange
   formatting the list server applies to my messages.
   Bill Hawkins wrote:

Too bad, I was going to suggest gravity waves and ask if the
magnitude of the oscillation changed with orientation of the
unit's case. But I'm not an astrophysicist so I don't know
the expected magnitude of the effect.

     maybe the gravity waves aren't to be ruled out totally... I live
   near to a
   horizon of events, and this could play a role... I have to ask the
   of the black hole how stable is his hole, gravity-wise  :-)

Anybody know the stability of the VP Oncore GPS?

   If you mean the jitter on the 1pps signal, it should be about 45 ns, 1

Alberto, what's your weather been like? Clear, windy, cloudy?

   We are enjoying a nice ending of the summer season, sunny and clear
   not so hot and humid as last year. So this should not be the cause any
   behavior from the 10 MHz quartz...
   BTW, I measured the oven current, but there is catch-22
   Initially, from cold, it draws abt 740 mA. Then, when warmed, suddenly
   it falls down
   to 34 mA. It stays there for a minute or so, then it increases to abt
   187 mA.
   But this value is not stable, it moves slowly from abt 186.7 to abt
   187.3 mA and back.
   The catch-22 is that my DMM is of a simple type, no serial connection
   to gather data
   with the PC, so I have to be near the circuit to watch it. And of
   course my presence
   there perturbates the measure. When I find the time, I will run a
   couple of wires outside
   my cave, errr, my shack, to be able to measure the current without my
   500W of radiated
   power influencing it.
   73  Alberto  I2PHD

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