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Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Wed Apr 20 23:28:23 EDT 2005

Hi Chuck:

A true story:
As part of my job at HP/Agilent I was on the road quite a bit living in 
hotels.  My laptop was able to connect into their network most of the 
time in a secure manner.  But every now and then it refused to connect.  
So there was an 800 support number to call and those folks would get me 
connected.  One day the message that you get to hear while on hold said 
something like "this 800 support phone number will be replaced by the 
following web URL on the 17 of June".  Needless to say I made quite a 
stink about this and probably so did anyone who traveled.  And it came 
to pass that the 800 stayed operational.

My guess is that some kid in the legal department is trying to get 
noticed for doing something without asking for permission hoping he 
won't have to ask for forgiveness.  It would be good if we found out who 
to send email to and start a campaign.  I think that if anyone who can 
think heard about this they would put an end to it.

Is there someone inside Agilent who can give us a good email to use?

Have Fun,


Chuck Harris wrote:

> I imagine that that is because HP just went on the warpath, and declared
> all copies of their manuals verboten.  I just got several notices from
> ebay telling me about how some HP manuals on CDs that I bought were 
> infringements
> on HP's intellectual property.  This was old stuff too, from the early 
> '70s
> -Chuck
> Bill Janssen wrote:
>> I picked up a HP 10811A today and need the connection information.
>> I tried the WEB and went to the "Bama" site but at Bama they removed 
>> all HP info.
>> Thanks
>> Bill K7NOM
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