[time-nuts] Q: HP-IB / 5370A pdfs

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Mon Apr 25 19:19:21 EDT 2005

> As the proud new owner of a 5370A, a couple of requests of the list:
> 1) What do you use/recommend for an HP-IB/IEEE-488 interface for
> a PC? (PCI bus). It looks like these things go for more than I
> paid for the 5370A! Linux compatibility?

I'm a fan of National Instruments, myself.  $200 or less should get you a
PCI-GPIB interface (search eBay for 'PCI-GPIB').

NI does a good job of supporting their older hardware at www.ni.com , which
is why I recommend them.  I don't know how their Linux support looks, but I
have done some open-source coding for their hardware under Windows
(www.speakeasy.net/~jmiles1/ke5fx/7470.htm).  There is a command-line Win32
program in that package that will talk to a 5370B, and presumably a 5370A as

> 2) Anyone have a .pdf of the user/service manual? Mine, I
> believe, is a fairly late production (series 2311) for the "A."
> If not, I suppose I'll wait and see what Agilent is up to with
> the old docs.

Definitely an FAQ.  Somebody's going to have to bite the bullet and scan the
5370 manual in. :)

You can always order one from www.manualsplus.com .  Not free-as-in-beer, or
free-as-in-.PDF, but they are a good outfit to deal with nevertheless.

-- john KE5FX

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