[time-nuts] Anyone want a pdf of the HP 5370B manual ?

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Thu Apr 28 11:45:13 EDT 2005

I probably have enough webspace to (privately and temporarily) host it, to
save you from sending out CDs.  Would definitely like a .PDF copy myself.
Poul's manual is more up to date than mine, I believe.

Contact me off-list when you have the .PDF ready to go, and I'll give you
instructions for uploading it.


-- john KE5FX

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> Hi,
> Poul-Henning Kamp has very kindly loaned me a copy of the HP 5370B
> Universal Time Interval Counter's operating and service manual. This is
>   up to S/N's having the prefix 2904, but there are changes in chapter 7
>   for older serial numbers. The manual part number is 05370-90031, printed
> October 1995.
> Assuming my scanner does not break down, or me go insane in the process,
> I am going to scan this to PDF. Soon I hope to have permission from
> Agilent to distribute this on a CD or paper, but not the web (they have
> said they will give me permission for distribution, only if done on
> paper or CD).
> If you want a copy, put a note on the list, and mention the country you
> are in. I'll then contact you about sending the CD. I don't intend
> charging, other than for perhaps postage if there are quite a few.
> I'll distribute this on the condition you do not intended reselling it
> commerically.
> If anyone has later revision sheets, that cover later serial numbers,
> let me know.
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