[time-nuts] Phase Comparator

pohl at orcon.net.nz pohl at orcon.net.nz
Wed Dec 7 17:51:22 EST 2005

You might look at: 
>G. Brida 
>High resolution frequency stability measurement system 
>Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 73, no. 5, pp. 2171-2174, 
>This article reports on the frequency stability measurement system 
>based upon the dual-mixer time-difference scheme working at 10 MHz 
>with 1 Hx beat note. The principle of the system is reviewed, the 
>design approach is described, and the experimental results are 
>presented. The measurement system shows a stability of 5.6·10-14/t 
>(Allan deviation) and a temperature sensitivity of some picoseconds 
>per Kelvin. An approach to reduce crosstalk problems has been 
Sorry,I don't have an electronic copy at the moment.It specifically 
addresses the gain/bandwidth zerocrossing detector issues.
Peter ZL2AYX

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