[time-nuts] GOES Simulator

Tom Van Baak tvb at leapsecond.com
Fri Dec 9 00:45:17 EST 2005


There is a Truetime G2G (GPS to GOES) which is a GPS
antenna plus digital and RF circuitry that re-generates
enough of a GOES signal that a 468-DC thinks it has
locked on to the East satellite carrier and extracts the
time code bits.

But, I agree about trashing the receivers. One of these
days someone will post an easy PIC or Atmel-based
hack that allows them to be general purpose clock
displays. It can't be that hard. But no one has done it
yet that I know of.


> While we're on the subject of simulators, does anyone know
> of a simulation for GOES that could go into the receiver
> board at some point to display time from the simulator's clock?
> Sure seems like a shame to trash brand new TrueTime receivers.
> Bill Hawkins

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