[time-nuts] FTS4060 was Dead, Now Working?

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When my FTS4060 s/n 1013 was delivered it was shipped outside the carton
with metal banding holding it on top of the other units in their boxes.

January of this year I got the Operation LED to turn on, but the frequency
was drifting about where you would expect a good crystal source to be.  So I
took this unit completely apart as part of an effort to make a manual.  

A few days ago I put it back together and low and behold it locked up and
has been locked for a couple of days now.  Today I soldered jumpers across
the power switch in the SR620 which had gone bad and started comparing the
FTS4060 1 MHz zero crossings with the M12T+ 1 PPS and after about an hour
the rate seems to be close to a straight line at 6 ps/second.  This with the
C Field set at 500. 

Maybe it's now working?

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

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