[time-nuts] New TAPR "TADD" kit in the works -- are you interested?

Garren Davis garren.davis at qlogic.com
Fri Dec 23 12:35:19 EST 2005

I would be interested in one of these kits. 


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The TAPR TADD-3 kit is just about ready to go into production, and I
have no idea how many people might be interested in one (you can tell
TAPR is full of engineers rather than marketers...).  This email is to
get an idea of interest so we can judge how many kits to make up in the
initial run.

The TADD-3 is a 1 pulse per second distribution system.  It has two
inputs and eight outputs.  Six of the outputs are low-Z TTL level
signals routed to BNC connectors, while two are RS-232 levels to drive a
serial port.  Each output can be individually strapped to invert the
input signal, or leave it alone.  (Note: while the TADD-3 is designed
primarily for PPS signals, there's no bandwidth limiting and it should
work with any pulse train up to at least several MHz.)

Each input can be selected to drive either a 74AC14 Schmitt trigger (TTL
level) or an LT1016 high-speed comparator (with trigger point adjustable
from 0 to 5 volts).  The LT1016 has less than 10ns delay, and initial
tests show jitter that's not much worse than driving the 74AC14
directly; it's a good chip.  The two signal inputs can be bridged so one
signal can drive all eight outputs.

The form factor is the same as the TADD-1 RF distribution amplifier: a
4x6 inch board with the 6 output BNCs on one long side, and the two
input BNCs on the other.  Provisions are made to stack multiple boards.

We don't have a price set yet (it will depend in part on the volume we
do) but a very rough estimate is $60-$90 for the kit.

We are also working on an enclosure that will work with this, and all
the other, TADD kits, but we don't have availability or pricing
information available yet.

If you'd be interested in buying a TADD-3 kit, please contact me off the
list.  I'm not looking for binding orders, just an idea of the interest
level so we choose an appropriate size for the first run.

Thanks and happy holidays,


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