[time-nuts] Anyone with a fat pipe able to host a big HP manual?

electron69 electron69 at free.fr
Fri Dec 23 12:53:56 EST 2005

Hello John,

I have not many time in order to participe actively to time nuts forum. But i have writed directly to Dr David Kirby in order to propose to him to use one of my 1 GB free spaces proposed by my ISP.

I have proposed to David to host his big 5370B manual in one of those spaces.

But I have received no answer today from him. In case my message was trashed directly due to anti-spam software, I write to you in order you can publish this message or you can follow to him.

If you want to test the 1 Gb space proposed, please find here a 70MB about manual to download : the 10811 A/B manual at this adress :


Best regards for you and all time nuts member, and I hope to help you more in the future.

Merry Christmas.

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