[time-nuts] New TAPR "TADD" kit in the works -- are you interested?

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Fri Dec 23 13:03:22 EST 2005

John, N8UR,

I would be interested in one or two of TADD-3.

Happy Holidays!

Gar, NE8S

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Subject: [time-nuts] New TAPR "TADD" kit in the works -- are you interested?

> The TAPR TADD-3 kit is just about ready to go into production, and I
> have no idea how many people might be interested in one (you can tell
> TAPR is full of engineers rather than marketers...).  This email is to
> get an idea of interest so we can judge how many kits to make up in the
> initial run.
> The TADD-3 is a 1 pulse per second distribution system.  It has two
> inputs and eight outputs.  Six of the outputs are low-Z TTL level
> signals routed to BNC connectors, while two are RS-232 levels to drive a
> serial port.  Each output can be individually strapped to invert the
> input signal, or leave it alone.  (Note: while the TADD-3 is designed
> primarily for PPS signals, there's no bandwidth limiting and it should
> work with any pulse train up to at least several MHz.)
> Each input can be selected to drive either a 74AC14 Schmitt trigger (TTL
> level) or an LT1016 high-speed comparator (with trigger point adjustable
> from 0 to 5 volts).  The LT1016 has less than 10ns delay, and initial
> tests show jitter that's not much worse than driving the 74AC14
> directly; it's a good chip.  The two signal inputs can be bridged so one
> signal can drive all eight outputs.
> The form factor is the same as the TADD-1 RF distribution amplifier: a
> 4x6 inch board with the 6 output BNCs on one long side, and the two
> input BNCs on the other.  Provisions are made to stack multiple boards.
> We don't have a price set yet (it will depend in part on the volume we
> do) but a very rough estimate is $60-$90 for the kit.
> We are also working on an enclosure that will work with this, and all
> the other, TADD kits, but we don't have availability or pricing
> information available yet.
> If you'd be interested in buying a TADD-3 kit, please contact me off the
> list.  I'm not looking for binding orders, just an idea of the interest
> level so we choose an appropriate size for the first run.
> Thanks and happy holidays,
> John
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