[time-nuts] Happy Leap Second!

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Sat Dec 31 20:00:44 EST 2005

Speaking of our favorite radio station....  Have any of you heard this funny?


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Magnus Danielson <cfmd at bredband.net> wrote:
> It is really ashame that there is this proposal to remove the leap seconds.
> It is anti-buissness, just look at those selling "Happy Leap Second" 
> cards, the sellers of champagne or other bubbely that looses 
> buissness. Also, it is anti-social, since now people will loose out on 
> the oppertunity to wish their family, friends and stranger in the 
> street a Happy Leap Second. As you see and understand, the proposal is 
> ripping up the core fabric of our society, so say yes to the continuation of
the leap seconds!

Don't forget the Arbitron ratings of our favorite radio station, WWV!

I still remember my freshman physics textbook, with all the gedanken experiments
involving two observers, Nielsen and Arbitron...


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