[time-nuts] Leap second report from New Paltz, New York

Dennis O'Keefe okeefed at newpaltz.edu
Sat Dec 31 20:53:01 EST 2005

At one hour, 37 minutes into the post-leap second era, my Ultralink 333 WWVB 
clock has also still not made the change. It indicates that a leap second is 
pending at the end of the month and still had the -6 for difference to UT1. 
Before I bought the clock I spoke with someone at the manufacturer and he told 
me then that it would not change on time and would have to wait for an updated 

Last week, in an e-mail exchange with the company that was repeated and to the 
effect that they were counting on leap seconds being eliminated.

WWVB reception is decent, but not great here 1,600 miles away.

The other clock I was monitoring at the time is a Traconex Time Source, a 
WWV-set, rack size clock I got a while back on eBay.

That clock does a better job at picking out the WWV code than the Ultralink 
does with WWVB.

I was monitoring both clocks by just listening to WWV and CHU on two radios. 
My friend who was going to visit with a video camera did not show up.

The Traconex did something that I was not expecting. At 7 minutes past the 
hour I noticed that the seconds were not changing crisply with the seconds 
ticks from the radios. By 19 minutes past the hour they had retarded enough to 
be crisp in the new time scale. So no 60 seconds or double 59s to see.

A consumer grade analog wall clock had made the change at some point in less 
than an hour.

Dennis O'Keefe
New Paltz, New York

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