[time-nuts] Looking for 468-DC GOES receiver info

kevin-usenet at horizon.com kevin-usenet at horizon.com
Thu Feb 17 13:41:51 EST 2005

> I can send you a 468-DC manual but you may have missed the announcement
> that after 30 years the GOES timecode was turned off. So you can still
> get RF lock and the 100 Hz subcode is there there but the NIST timecode
> portion of the timecode is no longer present

H'm!!  The announcement *I* saw was


Namely, that the code is no longer corrected for satellite position drift,
so "The accuracy degradation will be from the current 100 microsecond
level to approximately 1 millisecond."

I also assume that, whenever the equipment breaks, it will not be
replaced.  But...

> If you're getting a UTC time out of yours let me know
> (and East or West?); mine went off the air on Jan 1
> and they're still dead.

My receiver currently *is* locked to GOES East, and displaying a
reasonable time.  Before I aligned the antenna, the display had been
blank for some time.

I haven't checked the display for exact accuracy (I was intending to use
the serial time code fot hat purpose); does the 468-DC contain some sort
of battery-backed oscillator that could maintain time and need only a
GOES-supplied frequency standard to produce a display?

Indeed, I was hoping to get some state-of-health information from the
468-DC on the subject...

If I could find some information on the details of the Manchester-coded
100bps stream, I could read it myself with an oscilloscope from the
486-DC test points I've already found and get a very low-level answer
on the time code status.

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