[time-nuts] Looking for 468-DC GOES receiver info

Mike Feher mfeher at eozinc.com
Thu Feb 17 15:29:55 EST 2005

Tom -

If you remember I wrote to you about problems with my GOES 468DC problems
some months ago stating I lost lock. Well, after a few days it came back on.
Since then it has still been intermittent on the East bird. At one point
about a week ago I totally lost it long enough that the display went blank.
So, for a few days all there was were the blinking LEDs. Then, it
re-acquired, came up with the proper day and time and has been running ever
since. So, for now at least, it still seems to be working for me. Regards -

Mike B. Feher, N4FS
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Hi Kevin,

I can send you a 468-DC manual but you may have
missed the announcement that after 30 years the
GOES timecode was turned off. So you can still get
RF lock and the 100 Hz subcode is there there but
the NIST timecode portion of the timecode is no
longer present.


If you're getting a UTC time out of yours let me know
(and East or West?); mine went off the air on Jan 1
and they're still dead.


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> I was just fiddling with a 468-DC GOES receiver that had been knocked
> out of alignment by last summer's hurricanes.  Thanks to TVB for
> http://www.leapsecond.com/museum/468-dc/theory.htm
> which helped immensely (particularly the bit about TP2 and the unlock
> I know GOES time is now in legacy mode with only +/-1 ms accuracy,
> but I thought it would be fun to hook it up to an NTP server anyway.
> I have satellite lock, time displayed, and 1 PPS and 1 kHz coming out the
> back.  However, I don't see anything on the IRIG output or the serial
> (And the EXT OSC input is a mystery.)
> Looking at the NTP driver, I tried connecting at 9600 8N1 and sending
> various letters, but no response.  (The port probed as DTE, so I used
> a crossover cable.)
> Does anyone have any use or debugging information or manuals?
> Thanks!
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