[time-nuts] Looking for 468-DC GOES receiver info

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Fri Feb 18 10:12:25 EST 2005


I have two NIB 468-DC receivers and an antenna from eBay.
Never did get a downconverter box. Now the hassle of mounting
an antenna isn't worth the result even if I got the DC box.

The question is, can the receiver be turned into a clock for
an external standard? If the digits normally run as a clock
counter that is preset from the satellite signal, that could
work. If the digits are set directly by the micro, then it
doesn't look good unless the micro can be reprogrammed.

Naturally, the plastic bag containing the receiver was slit
and the manual removed in both cases.

Is the receiver alone worthless? Is it worth trying to get
a manual?

Bill Hawkins

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