[time-nuts] Manuals

Brian Kirby kirbybq at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 20 23:50:05 EST 2005

I plan to put the following manuals up for sale:

Boonton type 211-A Crystal Monitor Signal Generator
EIP 331Autohet Microwave Counter
HP211A Square Wave Generator (have 2 manuals)
HP331A/332A Distortion Analyzer
HP3435A Multimeter
HP3465A Multimeter
HP410B High Frequency VTVM
HP431B Power Meter
HP608C VHF Signal Generator
HP608D VHF Signal Generator (have 4 manuals)
HP616A UHF Signal Generator
HP8447D/8447F/8447F Amplifiers
HP851A Display/8551A RF Section - Spectrum Analyzer
HP8655A Synchronizer/Counter
Scientific Radio Systems SR-206, SR-210 HF SSB Transceiver
Scientific Radio Systems SR-606M, SR-610M Antenna Couplers
Tracor VLF/MSK Converter (79367)
Tracor model 543 Omega Gating Unit and model 599-700R loop antenna
Tracor model 599K VLF/LF tracking receiver  (have 2 manuals)

If there is something you want, email me back.  Brian N4FMN


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