[time-nuts] World's most accurate PC clock!

David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Sat Jul 2 15:09:40 EDT 2005

At 8:47 AM +0200 7/2/05, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>In message <000b01c57e96$7be31140$4023f304 at computer>, "Tom Van Baak" writes:
>>PHK - do you have any anecdotes on how well NTP
>>works under primitive OS's like DOS?
>"not at all"
>DOS timekeeping is restricted to the 18.2Hz i8254 counter and that
>is far to crude for the NTP algorithms.


There's hope your old DOS PC yet. While browsing Ebay, I stumbled 
across this big ovenized color-burst oscillator:

It could easily be multiplied by 4 to make the canonical 14.318 MHz 
PC clock, so your DOS machine could be made to work at high stability 
and reasonable accuracy.

Not as good as a maser-clocked PC, but close.

--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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