[time-nuts] Re: World's most accurate PC clock!

Brian Kirby kirbybq at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 3 16:27:44 EDT 2005

I have a couple of the TrueTime 560-5900 PCI Generator cards.  Basically 
they accept 1 PPS or IRIG B sources and lock the cards internal clock to 
the source.  With 1 PPS input, they claim less than 1 uS sync, and with 
IRIG B less than 5 uS.  You have to write your own software to access 
the clock...they mapped data registers in PCI memory.  The card can also 
act as a synchronized generator and generate 1 PPS or IRIG-B.  They 
included some basic software to show it was working and it could be used 
to sync the PC clock....every once in a while

Bill Hawkins wrote:

>TrueTime used to make PC boards that would slave to an external
>standard. Don't know if they ran internal time counters and had
>their own time display software.

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