[time-nuts] Re: World's most accurate PC clock!

Flemming Larsen flarsen at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 3 21:02:58 EDT 2005

A 6.5536 MHz crystal was also used for the Intel
ICM7045 Digital Stopwatch IC (ca. 1974).

I still have one of those around here somewhere.

I wonder how much this would sell for on eBay.

I recently sold a set of C4040 ICs on eBay, which
sold for nearly $1600.00.

Don't throw out those old chips, they might be worth
more that you would think.

-- Flemming Larsen

--- David Forbes <dforbes at dakotacom.net> wrote:

> Don't forget that 6.5536 MHz crystal was used by the
> phone phreaks to 
> convert a Radio Shack DTMF keypad that came with
> 6.144 MHz crystal to 
> blue box frequencies. It's not exact, but close.

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