[time-nuts] Re: World's most accurate PC clock!

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Mon Jul 4 12:11:41 EDT 2005

Magnus Danielson wrote:

>Much important stuff clipped
>1,544 MHz, 2,048 MHz, 19,44 MHz, 51,84 MHz and 155,52 MHz is standard telecom
>frequencies. The two first ones are the traditional PDH rates (and thus
>synchronisation frequencies), the third is the normal SDH/SONET reference
>oscillator frequency, but 51,84 MHz and 155,52 MHz is more commonly used for
>bit-clock reference.
Off topic I guess but wondering if you are involved with the T1X1 
standards and if so
what is happening with the synchronization group

Bill K7NOM (ex T1X1.3)

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