[time-nuts] Information about FTS-1200

Marco Bruno IK1ODO at spin-it.com
Mon Jul 4 14:46:56 EDT 2005

At 23.35 03/07/2005, you wrote:
>Thanks for all help!
>My FTS-1200 behaves like this,
>Pinout  #1,#5 Power & EFC return
>         #2  EFC (0-10V)
>         #6  Oven monitor (4.7V at start, 3.5V at steady state)
>         #8  24V DC ((22V to 30V) @25C & 24V; 0.56A at start, 0.09A at
>                 steady state)
>EFC range is about 3.5Hz from 0V to +10VR. Not very linear 0.2Hz/V -
>0.3Hz/V in the low to middle range, 0.5Hz/V in the upper voltage
>Current draw 0.16A 20 minutes after cold start, going below  0.10A
>after 40 minutes.
>Two outputs @ 1Vrms, two at 0.5Vrms.
>Some specifications (from data sheet sent to me)
>Output freq      5MHz
>Aging per day    1x10-10
>Short term 1s    1x10-12
>            10s   1x10-12
>            100s  1x10-12
>Data sheet tells the FTS 1200 is part of the FTS 1000 series, which
>also includes the 5MHz FTS 1000A, 10MHz FTS 1002A and 15MHz FTS 1003A
>         Björn

Hello Bjorn,

very interesting. Would you like to send me a copy of the data sheet?



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