[time-nuts] Datum 1000B 10 MHz Oscillator pin outs for the DB-9connector?

Had had at to-way.com
Wed Jul 20 10:51:18 EDT 2005

Hello Robert,

Nice to see you on the list.

Un fortunately the referenced Web page does not show the 1000B DB-9 pin out 
which is what really started this thread. Can you help?

Best Regards,

At 02:24 AM 7/20/2005, you wrote:
>The 1000B is still in production.  Here's a link to the product folder:
>It's no longer the standard oscillator in cesium products but can be found 
>in the MHM-2010 hydrogen maser and the 1050A rackmount OCXO instrument.
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>>I'm working on selling my FTS4060/S24 that was broken by the shipper and 
>>would like to know the pin outs for the Datum 1000B 10 MHz crystal 
>>oscillator, since it's working.  It's frequency can be controlled by 
>>using the manual scan control voltage increase/decrease toggle switch.
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