[time-nuts] GPS timing receivers - what now?

Randy Warner randy at synergy-gps.com
Wed Jul 20 12:16:45 EDT 2005


The M12+T will continue to be available for the time being (hopefully til the end of the year.) Negotiations are currently underway to continue production of the FS Oncore and also the follow on to the M12+, the M12M. The M12M is identical to the M12+ except that it uses a different front end IC and draws about 10% less current.

In case the M12M doesn't make it we are currently evaluating a couple of timing receivers from other manufacturers to see which one gives us the best performance.

Things are in a bit of flux right now, but we will keep the timing community apprised of our progress.

If anyone has any specific questions please contact me offline: randy at synergy-gps.com.

Randy Warner
Senior Applications Engineer
Synergy Systems, LLC

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Now that the future of the Motorola timing receivers is uncertain due  
to the SiRF sale, does anyone have a favorite replacement receiver  
for timing? Synergy quoted me 2-4 weeks on an M12+ and eval board but  
did not sound certain that it would even be available at all.



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