[time-nuts] Note on physical stabilities of timing equipment

Magnus Danielson cfmd at bredband.net
Sun Jul 24 21:16:51 EDT 2005

Dear fellow time-nuts,

Due to recently experienced events, a useful afterthought may act as a kind
reminder to you all. When setting up timing equipment, due care should be taken
into consideration such that tripping on powercable should not affect the
stability of the timing devices, such as a GPS clock. When in action of taking
due actions to improve the stability somewhat, do bare in mind that stretched
antenna cables can release the frictional grip that roofing tile wedge may have
and the GPS antenna may fall freely to the ground. Having the antenna lying in
arbitrary direction on the ground will severly limit (please note that this is
verified fact) the number of satellites providing sufficient power, and the
remaing satellites will provide low power, resulting in a poor reception and
potentially loss of tracking. Swift correct of antenna possition and attitude
will reduce the effect of the event.

Any worried readers can take comfort in learning that no GPS clocks or GPS
antennas was killed during the empirical tests on which this report is based.
Also, scouting has resulted in a proposed new location for the antenna on a
considerable much improved site and with intrabuilding cabeling rather than
the current interbuilding cabling arrangement. The sky visibility on the new
site is much improved, with some tree foilage and one TV antenna. A neighboring
house may cut the 10 degree elevation profile, but bulldozing it is not an
option for the moment.

Magnus - who intends to do antenna placements in daytime rather than nightime

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