[time-nuts] Cable Delay Measurements

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
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Joseph Gray wrote:
> Thanks, I knew that was the the basic procedure, using a T.I. counter. I 
> was hoping someone had a copy of the Agilent appnote, to see if there 
> were any more details that would further my understanding.

I'd appreciate it if you stuck your request here.


When I have sorted out the bugs, I'll make the URL more public. You 
never know, someone might have what you are looking for.

Feel free to put any silly entries in for test purposes, as I would like 
it tested.

As you will see, someone has pointed out the spelling errors. 
Unfortunately, I have never got around to getting a decent spell checker 
on my UNIX box. I write my web pages in vi, which does not have a spell 
checker! But I will spell check it more.

If you find any branch of test equipment missing from the list, let me 

Once I have it working properly, I'll remove all the entries added by 
people for test purposes and just leave the serious requests for 
application notes, manuals and help on test equipment.

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>> For estimates of cable delay on RG-58 cable or other cable that has a 
>> 0.659 velocity factory, you can use 1.542800 nanosecond per foot.
>> Best to confirm it.  Use your stations 1 PPS and connect it to a tee 
>> at the start input of the time interval counter.  Connect the cable 
>> under test to the tee and to the stop input.  Make many measurements 
>> and average...
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