[time-nuts] Web site to register manuals you have or want for test equipment.

David Kirkby david.kirkby at onetel.net
Tue Jul 26 20:59:11 EDT 2005

I'm copying this to a number of mailing lists, a couple of individuals 
and a couple of newsgroups, so you might see it more than once. Copy 
elsewhere if you wish.

I have set up a web page at


with the aim of "sharing" professional test equipment manuals, 
application notes and similar.

If you have something you would share, please list it. That might be an 
electronic or copy of a manual, a paper copy, the original or whatever.

In the case of many of these manuals, copying one would be huge task for 
any one person - I did it for the HP 5370B, the manual of which is small 
compared to some of the really complex kit.

In the case of large manuals, please would you please consider agreeing 
to scan part of a manual should someone want that manual? Then, if 
sufficient people agree to scan parts of it, the complete manual gets 
scanned without too much effort by any one person. Or if only one or two 
will take part, then perhaps the most important bits get scanned.

Take a look and see if someone wants what you have. Some are requesting 
just a copy of an application note. I am requesting two pages from a HP 
8970B noise figure meter manual.

You can of course add your own entries. Please restrict it to 
professional grade test equipment though. Some of this older kit is well 
within the budgets of hobbyists, and will offer far better performance 
than amateur grade kit.

Please note.

1) I've now put a category for Agilent, one for HP/Agilent and another 
for HP. In the case of them, use whatever you think is most appropriate.

2) The list of data is now colour coded, so you should be able to see 
who wants things, and who is offering things.

3) You are responsible for all copyright issues.

4) With the exception of any test equipment that I own myself, or have a 
particular interest in, I will NOT be hosting any manuals on any web 
sites I run.

5) I don't wish to coordinate the copying of a large manual by a group 
of people - do that among yourselves.

specific manuals unless I have personally listed it.

David Kirkby,

Please check out http://www.g8wrb.org/
of if you live in Essex http://www.southminster-branch-line.org.uk/

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