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I have always hated DST. I would rather they do away with it entirely. Maybe 
I should move to Arizona?

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> Here's an interesting one... Did I get the math
> right?
> Those of us here in the USA are faced again
> with a proposed change in DST rules. Is this
> local to the US or is there a similar daylight
> saving time inflation trend in other countries?
> Previously we had about 7 months of saving
> time; the new proposal has us now saving 9
> months of time. We're getting too closer to
> saving 12 months; where everyone effectively
> Springs forward and doesn't Fall back; where
> everyone turns their watch forward one hour,
> shifting one zone to the east, permanently.
> The interesting thing about this trend is that
> a leap hour, should it become future practice,
> would do just the opposite. For example.
> If you have an accurate non-radio-controlled
> wristwatch, chronometer, or pendulum clock
> you have to manually set it back one second
> after a positive leap second is added to UTC.
> So in the year 2900 +/- 300 if a leap hour were
> to occur you will have to set your wristwatch,
> chronometer, or pendulum clock back one
> hour after a leap hour is added to UTC.
> In other words, the leap hour will be just the
> antidote we need to offset the political trend
> of 12 months of daylight saving time, yes?
> /tvb
> http://www.leaphour.com/
> // begin quote
> http://msnbc.msn.com/id/7599782/
> WASHINGTON - When people go through the ritual of moving their clocks
> forward each spring ushering in Daylight Savings Time, they're also saving
> energy by using more sunlight instead of electricity in the evenings - the
> equivalent of thousands of barrels of oil, in fact.
> The House, in approving a massive energy bill that covers more than 1,000
> pages, would extend daylight saving to the first Sunday in March and to 
> the
> last Sunday in November. It now starts in early April and ends in late
> October.
> The Senate must agree - and it is likely to do so.
> "We all just feel sunnier after we set the clocks ahead," said Rep. Ed
> Markey, D-Mass., who along with Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., got the measure
> into the energy bill.
> Upton said extending daylight time "makes sense especially with 
> skyrocketing
> energy costs" even though farmers for years have not been all that happy
> about daylight time as it now exists. They complain the later daylight in
> the morning makes it harder for them to do their work.
> Citing Transportation Department figures, he said the additional two 
> months
> could save the equivalent of 100,000 barrels of oil each day, or 1 percent
> of the nation's total energy consumption.
> Markey said both sport fans and kilowatt counters ought to be happy.
> // end quote
> Wow, I thought we time-nuts were bad; imagine
> being a kilowatt-counter. Watts the fun in that?
> /tvb
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