[time-nuts] Cable Delay Measurements

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Jul 27 07:07:39 EDT 2005

Joseph Gray wrote:
>> I'd appreciate it if you stuck your request here.
>> http://www.drkirkby.co.uk/community/test-equipment/
> I like the idea. 

Thanks - it is nice to know I have not totally wasted my time, although getting to grips with bits of 
perl warrants the time spent. There is nothing like trying to learn something when you have an 
application for it.

I'll respond here to the comments made by yourself and others, rather than make multiple posts.

I see you made a request for an HP application note. If you send me the title (if you know it) by 
private email, I'll add that. I'm sure many might reconise a title of an application note they own, 
but are unlikely to remeber the number of it. I hope you get the manual for the 5370A time interval 

> However, I think you should do away with the three 
> check-items and the associated text that gets inserted. It is redundant. 
> Just let people enter what text they want for a description.

I was keen to do that, as it will allow for entry into a database in a sensible way, should I ever 
have the inclination to do so. The lists of requests/offers


has now been modified so those that those offering manuals are shown in green, those requiring very 
little help are in orange, and those requiring complete manuals, that might need a number of poeple to 
get together to do it, are in red. Perhaps that is useful.

I am keen for it *not* to become a place where every 'manual merchant' exploits the spirit in which it 
was set up. I thought that might discourage that a bit too.

That said, if I incur *significant* costs in getting something I want myself, I am considering 
charging a small fee for a download, until the cost has been recovered (despite the 5270B TI conter 
was not cheap to transport from Denmark and back, it will remain free) Someone has just sent me an 
application note in the UK for free, so I will put that online and not charge for that. But I have 
also  just purchased an application note from the US, so I might charge a small fee for a copy of 
that. (I'm in the UK).

However, personally I will NOT be going into the business of selling manuals - *perhaps* just recoving 
some of the cost of those that cost me sigificant amounts of money to get. And I will only get ones I 

Thanks everyone for the comments on the spell checker. I have one on my mail client at home (not this 
client I would add), but I never mananaged to hook the GNU one up to bluefish, which I have used at 
home to crease HTML pages. Now I tend to use 'vi'. I will however consider stripping out the html tags 
  with sed and piping the result into the GNU spell checker, to find errors.

If you have any more comments on the web page at


and its related pages


please let me know off-list.

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Department of Medical Physics,
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