[time-nuts] Re: Allan Deviation of Z3801A

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Wed Jul 27 13:24:50 EDT 2005

Tom Van Baak wrote:
>>Dear Tom Van Baak,
>>Sorry to bother you in this way but I cannot get registered on time-nuts
> mailing list.
> Thanks for the mail. Very pleased to meet you.
> I'll cc time-nuts and John can add you to our
> list manually.

Hi Lymex --

Welcome to time-nuts!

I've added you to the list.  To change your account settings, go to 
https://www.febo.com/mailman/listinfo/time-nuts and after giving your 
email address and password, you will have access to your settings. 
(Note that it's an SSL address -- use the "https" or the URL won't work.)

John N8UR

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