[time-nuts] Agilent App Note 174-10 (Cable Delay)

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 03:52:10 EDT 2005

jim_johnson at agilent.com wrote:
> Hi,
>     I managed to find a copy of the Cable Delay App Note
> somebody asked about not too long ago.  Should I have
> John Ackermann post it on his site ... or Tom Van Baak
> on his site?  Any takers?  :-)   It is in .pdf format.
> Tnx,
> Jim

I'll stick a copy here


I do have a license from Agilent, so can't run into any problems!!

If anyone has the manual on the HP 8970B noise figure meter (10-1600 MHz, a bit higher with an 
option), could they scan me pages 1-1 and 1-2, as TIFF files but do *not* convert to pdf. The manual 
is on the Agilent site, but those two introducory pages are missing. I've made Agilent aware of this, 
but they are not sure if the problem can be fixed or not. If I can fix it myself, I'll let them have a 
complete copy.

If anyone has a manual on the HP 8970A noise figure meter (10-1500MHz) in either electronic or a paper 
copy they would loan me, could they let me know. I have two electronic copies, both of which have 
problems - one is a very old manual and the other incomplete.

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