[time-nuts] Agilent App Note 174-10 (Cable Delay)

Dr. David Kirkby drkirkby at medphys.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Jul 29 05:38:31 EDT 2005

Joseph Gray wrote:
>> If anyone has the manual on the HP 8970B noise figure meter (10-1600 
>> MHz, a bit higher with an option), could they scan me pages 1-1 and 
>> 1-2, as TIFF files but do *not* convert to pdf. The manual is on the 
>> Agilent site, but those two introducory pages are missing. I've made 
>> Agilent aware of this, but they are not sure if the problem can be 
>> fixed or not. If I can fix it myself, I'll let them have a complete copy.
>> -- 
>> Dr. David Kirkby PhD CEng MIEE,
> If you use Windows, there are two free programs for merging pages or 
> entire PDF files - PDF Blender and PDFTK Builder. If you are on Linux, 
> there is a version of the PDF ToolKit for that OS.

Thanks for that. 99% of the time at home I use Solaris, but do have access to Windoze and Linux (as 
I'm using at this minute). A well written program for Linux will run on Solaris, but few Linux users 
seem to check their programs on anything else.

The Sourceforge site, which many put open source programs, has a 'compile farm' where you can check a 
program on a huge variety of machines running different operating systems.

One program I wrote, 'atlc'


has been run on a Sony Playstation 2 (not by me I might add), Windoze, most UNIX machines I can find 
and an old Cray supercomputer.

Compaq (or is it HP ??) had a 'testdrive' system where you could check software on some seriously nice 
machines. They seem to have stopped that. It's a shame, as it was not unusual to find myself the only 
user on a quad processor Itanium with 16 GB of RAM.

But I'd prefer those two sides from an 8970B manaul not to be in pdf, as it is easier to make a note 
on them that they were taken from a different version of the manual, should that be the case. I'm sure 
its not impossible starting from a PDF, but I suspect it's more hassle.

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