[time-nuts] HP5372A screen-dumps

Had had at to-way.com
Tue Jun 14 10:09:17 EDT 2005


I would also be interested in your "sample Programs" I have a 5371A and no 
programming manual.

Had, K7MLR

Hej Poul-Henning,

> > In message <20050614.005240.128311397.cfmd at bredband.net>, Magnus 
> Danielson writ
> > es:
> >
> > >3) Learn the full lovely set of GPIB commands to pull the data out of the
> > >   5372 engine and post-process it and shape it at your own taste.
>OK. It seems that Agilent want the manuals in scanned form too. Let's see what
>we can arrange.
>In the meanwhile, I may be able to toss you some sample programs. I've been
>working on a program that attempts to eventually cover the full set of
>measurements. I expect that work to accelerate by the end of the week.
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