[time-nuts] Gloss on glossa

Richard I. Cook ri-cook at uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 15 12:23:01 EDT 2005

I saw the eBay listing that raised the issue and thought it petulant and 
marked glossa (which, after all, means "tounge" ;-) down as childish.

Rather than treat this as a problem, though, could the mention of the 
list on eBay not be considered a bonus? For those of us who are, at 
best, amateurs in time keeping (nutlets?) just finding the list is an 
accomplishment. Perhaps he has helped broaden the readership?

Perhaps the listowner could write to him and encourage him to put the 
list archives website url in his listing as a place of interest for 
other time-nuts?

It's a contrarian point of view, of course, but then that would not 
surprise my wife who often accuses me of being contrary simply to be 
contrary -- which is nonsense, of course.

Richard Cook, N8JEA

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